We Make The Page Come To Life

ISLP is a lifestyle production company. We create lifestyle products such as books, magazines, music, films, clothing, accessories, art, beauty and home goods. We focus on making high quality, original products. ISLP was started by our CEO LoudPen in 2014.


The InkSpot


ISLP caters to multicultural millennials aka Pennies & Pens. We call our customers Pennies & Pens because our ultimate goal is to create a community of people who will engage with and support our brand.

In essence, we create products that enhance the lives of our Pennies & Pens. We do this by providing everything Pennies & Pens need to make their lives better. Instead of going from store to store or spending hours scrolling through online shops, Pennies & Pens can purchase everything they need from us.

Our books, magazines, music, and films are designed to entertain, educate, and inspire. Our art, clothing, accessories, beauty products, and home goods are dedicated to helping Pennies & Pens express their creative side in addition to addressing their unique needs such as diverse body/hair types, and skin tones. That said, ink with us cause you know we got it. We’re your one stop shop!


The InkSpot

Please note ISLP’s products will soon be available via our online lifestyle boutique, Pennies & Pens. Stay tuned for the launch! In the meantime, follow us on Twitter @ISLPDTX and Instagram @ISLPDTX to keep up with our latest ink!

At ISLP, each product is different but there is one common factor, they all start with an idea, pen, and paper. We make the page come to life!