Ink With Us

Dear Pennies & Pens,

ISLP is a lifestyle production company and boutique based in Dallas. We create books, magazines, travel guides, music, films, clothing, accessories, skincare, haircare, makeup, and home decor products. Our products are developed by our in-house creative production team aka Team ISLP.

ISLP caters to multicultural millennials more specifically African American and Hispanic Creatives whom we call Pennies & Pens. We refer to our audience as Pennies & Pens because they are an extension of our brand.

Our CEO LoudPen originally inked the name “Pennies & Pens” in 2010 when starting our online magazine de la Pen…All Pen Everything. Realizing she wanted to give her audience their own name that was on brand, Penny decided on Pennies & Pens. Pennies for the ladies and Pens for the guys.

These days, Pennies & Pens has become so much more. Pennies & Pens are our followers, readers, supporters, and most importantly, they are our customers.

Pennies & Pens are a unique mix of bloggers, writers, influencers, photographers, stylists, designers, and artists; in essence, Pennies & Pens are influencers in their own write.

We created Pennies & Pens because we want to have a community of people who will engage with and support our brand. Pennies & Pens are the most important part of our business – without their ink, we couldn’t keep this page running.

At ISLP, we use our ink to create high quality, original, and unique products that are affordable so we can entertain, educate, inspire, and empower our audience to ink the life they’ve always wanted. Created in 2014 by our CEO LoudPen, ISLP is all about making the page coming to life. We develop a variety of different products because we are creative souls with multiple talents. Therefore, we use our expertise to design dope products – this way, we never get bored and neither does our audience.

We want our Pennies and Pens to ink with us because we’ve got everything they need. From books that teach you to create lifestyle blogs to travel guides that are all about how to cruise thru cali, ISLP has the best ink. All of our products are available via our lifestyle boutique

That said, ink with us. Follow ISLP on social media via Twitter: @ISLPDTX  and Instagram: @ISLPDTX