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Behind The Ink: Creating The InkSpot

Dear Pennies & Pens,

It’s ya girl, LoudPen, here to tell you the story of The InkSpot. I have been dreaming of creating The InkSpot for years. See, I first started developing my personal brand in 2008. It was actually meant to be a writing pseudonym but once I started blogging it morphed into my personal brand.

And over the years, I have changed and grown with my brand. But in late 2014, I realized that I needed a central home for all my brands and creative projects. A new company that would represent me and produce all my creative projects.


The InkSpot

It should also be noted that I’m Co-Founder of 8515 — a lifestyle marketing & PR agency. In essence, I know a thing or two about how to build a brand. That said, developing The InkSpot came naturally to me.

I knew that the company would have a lifestyle focus meaning that the brand would be a fusion of influences from art to music to fashion to travel. But what I didn’t know was what the company would actually do and how it would do it. I wrote a business plan and brand strategy then I launched the company in 2015.


But along the way, I started questioning myself. I changed the website about page multiple times and I kept editing my business plan. I just didn’t feel satisfied with the company and where it was going. I felt like it was all over the place and there was no central focus. And that’s when it hit me.

I was overthinking everything instead of just trusting my gut. Instead of believing in myself and what I was doing, I was questioning and doubting myself. And when you question and doubt yourself, everyone else will too. It also didn’t help that The InkSpot is truly meant to be an innovative concept as far as the business model.


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I mean think about it, how many “lifestyle production companies” have you ever heard of? Do you know of a startup that’s seeking to produce blogs, books, magazines, clothes, accessories, art, and home goods? Sure, there are brands out there that do what we do but they’re well established and almost all started off by becoming known for one product.

We on the other hand are seeking to do the exact opposite. See, my business model is a hybrid between Jay Z’s Roc Nation, Oprah’s Harpo Productions, and Marve Frazier’s Moguldom. Each of these companies works with artists, produces original content (be it digital, radio, TV, or print), and they also have their own product lines.

Roc Nation logo

In essence, these companies all have multiple streams of income and revenue. So if one product doesn’t do so well one month, then they still make money from one of their artists or another product. With that business model, the company really can’t “fail” like a traditional business would.

When I realized that, I knew I had to at least try. So I stopped questioning myself and just said fuck it. I edited our about page, my business plan, and I’m in the process of developing The InkSpot’s next project. Stay tuned for more details!


LoudPen on ISLP homepage

And there it is. #TheInkSpotLP leaving you with some ink for your page.

ISLP is a lifestyle production company. We publish blogs, books, and magazines; we produce music & films; additionally we make clothing, accessories, home goods, etc. Basically, we do a little bit of everything.

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