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Behind The Ink: Our Creative Team

Dear Pennies and Pens,

We are so thrilled to announce the latest additions to our creative team! We have spent the last few months working on developing a new original content series hence why we have not been able to blog.

In fact, we formed a creative team just for this project. So without further adieu, allow us to introduce the team.

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First off, we have Cacha Lopez who will be working with us a Publicist and Stylist. Cacha is Co-Founder of 8515 as well as Owner of Jewels by Cacha`. Based in Baltimore/DC, Cacha has experience in event planning, styling, photography, social media, marketing, and public relations.

Additionally, Cacha as Co-Founder of 8515 is our CEO LoudPen’s business partner. In essence, they have worked together on countless marketing, styling, and event planning projects. Check out Cacha` on Twitter: @CachaLopez and Instagram: @CachaLopez




Next, we have Brandon Moorer who will be working with us as a Writer and Blogger. Brandon has also previously worked with LoudPen having contributed over 10 articles to de la Pen…All Pen Everything.

Brandon is a consultant and copywriter from New York, now based in New Orleans. He’s constantly studying branding, cars and culture. He also thinks writing in third-person is absolutely magnificent. Check out Brandon on Twitter: @BranTheDon_ and Instagram: @BranTheDon_




Lastly, we have Axel Severs who will be working with us as an Editor. Axel Severs is the publisher at Nat. Brut, an online art and literary magazine dedicated to advancing inclusivity in all creative fields.

He lives and works in Dallas, Texas. Check out Nat. Brut here:


Axel Severs


And there it is. #TheInkSpotLP leaving you with some ink for your page.

ISLP is a lifestyle production company. We publish blogs, books, and magazines; we produce music & films; additionally we make clothing, accessories, home goods, etc. Basically, we do a little bit of everything.

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