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ISLP creates and produces original music such as Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, Jazz, and Neo-Soul. Each album has its own unique name, theme, and concept. Our music is released in a variety of different formats including Digital, CD, Vinyl, etc.

ISLP music is about inspiring and entertaining listeners. In essence, our music is about life, love, and everything in between. We believe that music brings people together uniting them through the common thread of the human experience. That said, we are committed to making music that brings Pennies & Pens together to create a unique bond.

Currently, we are working on our first album LPZ: 0985 a compilation Hip-hop and R&B album that will feature independent multicultural artists. Stay tuned for the release! Stay tuned for the release! Get a glimpse of how we make music by following us on Twitter @ISLPDTX and Instagram @ISLPDTX.