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LoudPen, CEO of ISLP


LoudPen is CEO of ISLP. Over the past 9 years, LoudPen has gained extensive experience in lifestyle blogging, writing, editing, publishing, product development, marketing, advertising, public relations, creative direction, styling, brand management, and event planning. LoudPen specializes in creating lifestyle products and planning events for multicultural millennials.

As CEO of ISLP, LoudPen designs and develops products, manages the creative team, creates online & social media content, manages sponsorship relations, and much more. LoudPen started ISLP in 2014. ISLP is the publisher of de la Pen…All Pen Everything and #MakeUrPenLoud: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger.

Currently, LoudPen is planning 8 Years of Ink – de la Pen…All Pen Everything’s 8th anniversary event as well as developing several products for ISLP including Loud Magazine, KC and All That Jazz, Branding: 8515 Style, le magazine noir, and much more. Follow LP on Twitter & Instagram: @LoudPen.


Cacha` Lopez, Creative Director of ISLP


Cacha Lopez is Creative Director of ISLP. Over the past 8 years, Cacha` has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in creative direction, styling, photography, marketing, advertising, public relations, and event planning. As a Trendimi Certified Event Planner, Cacha` specializes in planning lifestyle events and producing marketing campaigns for multicultural millennials.

As Creative Director of ISLP, Cacha` oversees the creation of graphics for online & social media content, plans photo shoots for editorials, as well as assisting with product design. Cacha` joined ISLP in 2016. Currently, Cacha` is planning editorials for Loud Magazine and de la Pen as well as co-writing Cacha & Pen: 2 Dope Broke Girls with LoudPen.

Currently, Cacha` is working with Pen and Renee to plan 8 Years of Ink and Flavor’s Night Out Texas. Follow Cacha` on Twitter & Instagram: @CachaLopez.


Renee Jones, Associate Editor at ISLP

Renee on wedding day

Renee Jones is an Associate Editor at ISLP. Throughout the past 3 years, Renee has been learning the ins and outs of writing, editing, research, publishing, creative direction, styling, social media,  event planning, and sponsor relations.

As Associate Editor at ISLP, Renee plans press trips, conducts research, assists with sponsor relations, in addition to creating content for ISLP’s various online outlets and social media accounts. Renee was an integral part of ISLP’s projects Summer in the South: Birmingham and KC and All That Jazz because she planned both press trips and contributed articles like Summer in the South Presents The Best Eats in Birmingham, Summer in the South Presents Good People Brewing Company, KC Eats: Food & Flights at Cooper’s Hawk, and KC and All That Jazz: Hotel Sorella.

Currently, Renee is working with ISLP to develop original lifestyle products such as KC and All That Jazz, Loud Magazine, and le magazine noir. Follow Renee Jones on Twitter & Instagram: Renee.Jones.03.