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The Rough Draft: Summer in the South

Dear Pennies & Pens,

Originally launched as a blog series, Summer in the South was created by ISLP. After the initial launch in 2015, Summer in the South featured The Hyatt Regency Wynfrey Hotel, The Birmingham Civil Rights Museum, Good People Brewing Co, and much more. Since that time, we have decided to expand our creative ink and produce a wider range of content.

In essence, Summer In The South (SITS) is an original content series created to offer novice and seasoned travelers fresh insight on cities with a southern connection. Summer In The South caters to millennials and multiculturals interested in experiencing Southern culture in a non-traditional way. Summer In The South is for people who seek to navigate the road less traveled…the ones who want a unique and unforgettable experience.

Hyatt on DLP

SITS is about inspiring our Pennies & Pens to visit a possibly familiar destination in a new way.  We want our Pennies & Pens to mix and mingle with the locals, visit museums and art galleries, taste delicious local eats, shop at independent boutiques, and more. We want to motivate our Pennies & Pens to go on an authentic excursion through the South.

In essence, our goal is to serve as a resource to our Pennies & Pens by producing high quality informative content that is helpful and useful. We created our content by actually traveling to each city featured in SITS. That said, our content is based on real experiences not theories.


And while we offer first hand accounts, we focus on making deposits not withdrawals. Basically, we want our Pennies & Pens to benefit from SITS not us. Think of us as a travel/lifestyle curator, we’re here to take our Pennies & Pens through the South in a way they’ve never experienced.

Summer in the South will be featured in LOUD Magazine. Additionally, SITS will have its own an ebook, short films, flyers, postcards, blog series, and social media posts. SITS will be relaunched in conjunction with the release of LOUD Magazine.

And there it is. #TheInkSpotLP leaving you with some ink for your page.

ISLP is a lifestyle production company. We publish blogs, books, and magazines; we produce music & films; additionally we make clothing, accessories, home goods, etc. Basically, we do a little bit of everything.

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